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Your Calgary Home’s Exterior

Roofing Materials for Calgary Home

When building a house, there are many components that you must consider both individually and together. For example, you may want a huge house and a big yard, but you only have a limited amount of space. One of the first things that you need to decide on when building a house is the exterior. As much as people what a certain look for their home, Calgary’s climate should be your first consideration regarding roofing options. A house’s personality is defined by the materials used to cover and shield it from the weather, noise, and prying neighbor’s eyes. PDQ Roofing always chooses the right materials for your Calgary roofing needs.

The exterior of a house consists of roofing, siding and trim. These three components should first be considered due to their functionality. There is no point purchasing siding in the right color but for the wrong climate. Therefore, we recommend that you to do your research before purchasing any roofing materials. Once you know what type of materials are suited for your house and are of high quality to me Calgary’s weather needs, then the aesthetics of your home’s exterior can be considered. The way that these three roofing components are matched together will produce different visual outcomes.

When considering roofing materials, some of the options you can choose from are: clay tile, metal, slate, asphalt, wood, rubber, or a combination of wood fibers, blended plastics and tire-derived rubber. Today, your options are almost unlimited because of new eco-friendly materials or the blends of several materials put together. When considering siding materials, you can choose from: stucco, vinyl, brick, stone, concrete, log cabin, aluminum, steel, and more. It is important to choose a siding appropriate for your climate but also one that matches your roofing choice. Lastly, you decide on the trim for your house. When considering trim for your house, you can choose detailed or plain, brightly colored or neutral, large or small, window shutters or dentil trim. The options seem endless for all three components, not to mention the number of combinations when putting them all together.

When considering all of these roofing options, you must decide what appearance you want your house to have. Your house could have a clay tile roof with stucco siding so that the smooth walls are off-set by the pattern on the roof, or you could have a metal roof and simple siding that can withstand hail, snow and high winds. You may choose mortar-less brick siding to add some elegance to your house or add some manufactured veneer stone to give the appearance of stone siding without the hassle of the real thing. If you are looking to build a new house here in Calgary or to redo your home’s exterior, we suggest you do your research so that you are aware of all the options that are available to you before you start purchasing components separately.

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