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As a Calgary Roofing Contractor we offer many roofing products and services to meet the demands of your Calgary roofing needs.

PDQ’s Roofing’s of Calgary uses these most common roofing products to satisfy your roofing needs. Ask us about the many more product options available to you.

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Glass Fibre
An extra-heavy fiberglass mat and modified sealant provide exceptional protection again Mother Nature’s Worst.
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Colours: Chalet Wood, Greystone, Shadow Black,
Weathered Stone & Western Redwood.

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Glass Fibre
Premium architectural shingle provides durability, low maintenance and the great looks of a shake-like appearance at a very attractive price. They’re built to last with double-layer construction and a tough, modified sealant for superior tear strength values and greater resistance to high winds. Cambridge carries a limited Lifetime warranty.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Colours: Aged Redwood, Driftwood, Weatherwood, Dual Brown, Dual Grey, Harvard Slate, Dual Black, Charcoal Grey, Vintage Green, Earthtone Cedar & Riviera Red

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Glass Fibre
These fiberglass based shingles are made
with superior modified sealant for greater wind
resistance, and tear strength.

Warranty: 25 Year
Colours: Driftwood, Dual Black, Dual Brown, Dual Grey,
Earthtone Cedar, Forest Green, Weatherwood & Riviera
Red, Aged Redwood, Castle Grey, Heatherwood, NW
Harvard slate

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Glass Fibre
The “HP” stands for “High Profile”, which means that
they’re also designed to enhance the architectural
shake-like appearance and dimensional profile of
premium laminated fiberglass shingles.
Colours: Aged Redwood, Castle Grey, Dual Black,
Dual Brown, Dual Grey, Earthtone Cedar, Forest Green,
Heatherwood, NW Driftwood, NW Harvard Slate

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Natural Product

  • Natural Wood Product
  • Available in Heavy and Medium

Informing out clients on the best roofing options for their Calgary home is very important to us. PDQ has been a Calgary roofer for over 50 years and we would like to share some of our knowledge with those searching for Calgary roofers.


Choosing roofing materials in Calgary is ultimately a mixture of personal choice and the projected budget for a roofing project. Typically, cheaper roofing materials come with a shorter lifespan while more expensive roofing materials have greater longevity. Selecting the best roofing material for you is ultimately finding the right balance between those characteristics. Out of all the roofing material options available, asphalt shingles are still one of the most installed in Calgary because of their price-vs-quality ratio.

If you decide to go for asphalt, there are two basic types of asphalt shingles, Organic asphalt shingles or Fiberglass shingles. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming trying to decide between them, they are both considered part of the asphalt shingle family after all. We have decided to compare these two options to better help people in the decision-making process of selecting the best roofing material for them.

Before we go into further detail, it is important to understand that whatever roof material you decide to choose, is only but a part of a much larger roofing system; there are many other important components that will determine the durability and efficiency of your roof (sheathing, flashings, underlayment, proper insulation, and ventilation).


Asphalt shingles are built in layers, a base layer, asphalt compound layer, and finally a protective layer. The difference between Organic asphalt shingles and Fiberglass shingles is the base layer. Organic asphalt shingles are made of felt or paper-soaked in asphalt, whereas Fiberglass shingles’ base layer is made up of Fiberglass held down together with resin.

Fire Resistance

Because of their paper-based composition, Organic asphalt shingles are more prone to fire damage than Fiberglass. Because Fiberglass shingles are not made up of a paper-based layer, they are more fire resistant than organic asphalt shingles.


Contrary to what the name suggests, organic does not necessarily mean environmentally friendly or with organic materials, organic shingles simply means that it is non-synthetic (like Fiberglass). In terms of environment sustainability, Fiberglass shingles are more environment friendly than organic asphalt shingles: Fiberglass shingles contain less asphalt (making it lighter to carry) and its base can be recycled.

Weather Resistance

Organic asphalt shingles are heavier and more substantial, making them ideal for cold weather temperatures, whereas Fiberglass thrives better in warmer weather because of their flame-retardant and heat-resistant nature.


Both types of shingles have the same appearance; they both have the same top two layers (asphalt and granules) in their composition.
At PDQ Roofing we have quality organic and fiberglass asphalt products to satisfy your roofing needs. If you’re still unsure whether you should use Organic asphalt shingles or Fiberglass shingles on your next Calgary roofing project don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will happily asses your specific situation and help you decide the best option that works for you.

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