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How can I tell if I need new shingles?
Besides the evidence of an existing leak there are several signs that will show if your roof needs replacing. Look for signs such as curling or cracked shingles, granular loss or patches where you can see the asphalt (Black) color. Missing shingles can be an indicator that the roof may have outlived its longevity because the shingles are no longer secured by the fastener.
How long will it take to shingle my roof?
This varies depending on size of house, number of members on the crew as well as installation method and material chosen. Based on the average size house having asphalt shingles replaced, it should take two to three days for a three man crew from tear off to completion of installation. The time from rooftop shingle delivery until the garbage bins are picked up can extend the time to approximately a week.
Do I need to be home when you do the work?
Homeowners do not have to be home or take time off work unless they choose. However contact numbers are important in case of emergency or power failure etc. As a homeowner one should have the peace of mind and confidence that they have chosen industry professionals to complete the work needed, but should also feel comfortable about asking questions during every step of the process.
Are there any extra costs aside from my estimate I should know?
The estimate provided should be as accurate as possible based on the material and application methods chosen. Sometimes amendments are needed during the construction stage to ensure a quality roof system is applied. Rotted sheathing needing to be replaced during tear off is an example of something that is not always present during the initial estimate. With all amendments the homeowner should be made aware as soon as possible.
Should all the accessories on my roof be replaced?
This depends on how long the accessories have been on the roof and if they show any signs of damage. As a rule we believe the accessories should be replaced given their life expectancy. If a new roof is expected to last 30 years than we would like the accessories to last at least the same amount of time.
Are open or closed valleys better?
This is a matter of choice for the homeowner between performance and curb appeal. Open valleys perform better by ensuring the least amount of resistance for water exiting the roof but can be unsightly (Upgrading to colored metal will ensure that this is subtle.) Closed valleys give a roof a seamless look especially when the valley is on a single story. However, due to increase water movement the shingles will usually weather quicker.
Do I need Drip Edge and Ice & Water Shield?
Some things are best assessed during the tear off stage. Drip Edge is a metal flashing used at the eave edge of a house to protect the sheathing from wind driven rain. Ice & Water Shield is a peel and stick membrane used in low slope areas or places where extra protection is needed from water infiltration.
What are the following? Goosenecks, Vents, Whirly Birds, Plumbing Boot:
Goosenecks are galvanized vents used for exhausting a household dryer. Vents are used to exhaust moisture and air from the attic. Whirly Birds also called turbines are vents powered by wind to draw moisture and heat from the attic. Plumbing Boots are used to create a water tight seal around the plumbing PVC pipes that exhaust sewer gasses from the house through the roof.
What are Ice Dams & How do I prevent this?
Proper insulation and roof ventilation can stop ice dams from forming, prevent damage and lower energy bills.
What about Roof Ventilation?
Roof Ventilation is probably the most important thing your roofing company can provide. Providing a “Balanced System” ensures the roofing material can provide its intended service life. A roof needs to be assessed for proper placement, number and type of roof exhaust vents. A wide selection of products are available from a range of manufacturers. We can provide the right system for your roof. A number of options are available: Roof Louvers, Turbine Vents, Shingle Over Ridge Vent Systems, Power Ventilators. PDQ Roofing uses LOMANCO & DURAFLO Roof Ventilation Products.
Is My Roof Leaking?
Click here to download the PDF for more information about your leaking roof. (pdf, 328KB)
Is it Condensation?
Click here to download the PDF for more information about what you need to know about condensation. (pdf, 477KB) or click to visit our page on Roofing and Condensation in Calgary.

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